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GCE Results 2018 O Level

Here is the GCE Results 2018 O Level. In order to quickly check your results, type in your centre number in the search section and search.

Centre NO :11401 St. Marys Catholic Comprehensive High School Ndop Regis: 44,Sat for 4 or more subjects: 42, Passed: 31, % Passed: 73.81 Results of successful candidate (In Order of Merit) Passed in 11 Subjects: 1 (1) FON VALENTINO-LARENCE FONDOH :- ECO-B, ENG-A, MQT-C, REL-B, LOG-A, COM-C, LIT-C, FRE-C, GEO-B, HIS-B, CTZ-B, Passed in 10 Subjects: 2 (1) NJOBE ARNOLD NJINYOH :- CHE-C, ECO-C, ENG-C, GEO-C, MQT-C, AMA-C, PHY-C, REL-C, CSC-B, BIO-B, (2) EKIA-ABEIYA MODEST ANGWANADE :- BIO-A, ECO-A, ENG-B, GEO-B, HBI-B, MQT-C, AMA-B, PHY-B, REL-B, CHE-B, Passed in 8 Subjects: 8 (1) FRU TANGYIE TSE :- ECO-C, ENG-C, GEO-B, HIS-C, CTZ-C, MQT-C, REL-C, CSC-C, (2) FOGAH NGWANA LAANDY JR :- ECO-C, ENG-C, LIT-C, FRE-C, GEO-C, HIS-C, REL-C, LOG-A, (3) FUFI MARTHA PULCHERIA YISA :- ENG-C, FNU-B, BIO-B, CHE-C, GEO-C, MQT-C, PHY-C, REL-C, (4) FOMBONG BINWI…
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